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These Will Be the Most Popular Nail Colors of 2021

Of all the pockets of the beauty world that have changed most dramatically over the last few months, the nail sector has arguably been affected the most. Sure, haircuts and color have slowed, and eye makeup is pretty much the only makeup we’re concerned with anymore, but the way we do our nails has flipped from bimonthly salon manicures to at-home treatments. 2020 was a wild year, and while we’re seeing positive change, many of the beauty rituals that require salon visits, including nail appointments, still aren’t available in their full capacity. With this in mind, it’s more important than ever to have a collection of nail polishes we love on hand in our own homes to make mani time as much fun as possible.

As much as we miss the process of choosing from the infamous walls full of nail polish at our favorite salons, we don’t recommend loading up on dozens of bottles just to have ample options to choose from at home. Instead, we advise honing in on the nail polish colors that will be most popular in the year to come so your fingers can always be on-trend. To get the scoop on exactly which colors those will be, we tapped two of our favorite nail experts in the game—Brittney Boyce, a consulting nail artist for Orly and founder of Nails of LA, and Aline Moreira, a Massachusetts-based nail artist—to spill the tea on the nail colors that are the most popular in 2021. Keep scrolling for everything you need to know.

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