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These Will Be the Most Popular Hair Colors of 2021

Hair color has been a touchy subject over the last year. With salons being forced to close as we all sheltered in place, many were left with few choices for maintaining their color. For the bravest souls among us, this year has meant getting comfortable with DIY box dye or customized at-home kits from a colorist, if you were really lucky. But for a lot of folks, limited or no access to professionals meant abandoning their hair color maintenance altogether, leading to overgrown roots, dull highlights, and generally unkempt color that’s likely now in need of some serious TLC. 

Thankfully, we’re almost out of the woods and salons are finally starting to resume operations so we can book in with our trusty colorists to make hair color magic once again. And after a year away, you might need some inspiration for what statement to make. We’ve got you covered on that front. We tapped three of the most sought-after celebrity colorists, Ryan Pearl, Laura Gibson, and Jeremy Tardo, to get the scoop on the most popular hair colors of 2021. Keep scrolling for the top colors they’ve been doling out so far this year, along with their predictions for the hues and styles that will continue to pick up steam in the coming months.

Trust us—you’ll want to screenshot these for your colorist.

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