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The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe for the ’90s Obsessed

I know what you’re thinking—another ’90s fashion story? Well, what can we say? We like to give the people what they want, and the decade that brought some of the best moments in fashion and pop culture just can’t seem to escape people’s minds. While some are embracing maximalism from the ’70s and 2000s, the ’90s aesthetic is still running strong in the surfacing trends you’re seeing today. Some that started off as nostalgic trends are now full-on wardrobe staples, like relaxed jeans and shoulder bags. 

Ahead, we’ve rounded up the most wearable trends that make up a ’90s capsule wardrobe that will have you covered this season and the next. We’re talking about miniskirts, asymmetrical tops, and a whole lot of cool accessories.  If you can’t seem to let go of ’90s fashion (we don’t blame you), the shopping selection below will help you narrow it down to pieces you’ll get major use out of. 

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