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The Revealing “Peekaboo” Trend Replacing Naked Dresses

That’s half the fun of this trend though, isn’t it? These peephole-like cutouts create a feeling of suspense as you initially lay eyes on them, but after a while, you’ll realize that’s the whole intention of the garment—to evoke curiosity, excitement, and if we’re being honest, a little bit of anxiety. As a wearer, I assure you that you have nothing to fear—this trend only looks like it’s about to break at the seams, but it surely won’t. Thanks to Marcia’s Instagram-friendly cutout dresses, Jacquemus’ famous diagonal button-closure sweater, With Jean’s kitschy cropped cardigans, and more, there is now a vast array of garments to choose from should you be interested in dabbling with this—fine, I’ll say it—unpractical new trend. While yes, I personally am a huge fan of this trend, celebrities and fashion have also taken a major liking to this revealing new detail, so we can only assume this is just the beginning of the trend’s lifecycle. 

After over a year of living in sweats and leggings, testing out a risqué trend doesn’t seem like the worst idea, and I have an inkling that some of you might even be craving it. Ahead, go on to see some of my personal favorite images featuring this new trend and shop the pieces you’ll need to get the look. 

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