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The Best Self-Care Rituals to Do at Home

Last week, my husband walked in on me going to town on my legs with a massage roller. Shockingly, the run-in didn’t elicit an eye roll—all I got was a puzzled eyebrow raise and an “excuse me.” I guess he’s been with me long enough—and has walked in on me using tons of weird products and tools—to know not to ask questions and just support me in my neverending quest to find products that make me feel my best. I often turn to things like makeup and skincare to find balance and pleasure during stressful periods of my life. Some people might turn to baking or true-crime documentaries. Even podcasts! I’m not here to judge, just to snoop around to see how other people practice self-care during weird times.

That’s exactly why I tapped THE/THIRTY’s managing editor and wellness pro Sarah Yang and the very stylish and beauty-obsessed content creator Valeria Lipovetsky to share their perspectives on what self-care really means to them and the rituals they’ve started doing over the last year. Turns out the new Victoria’s Secret Natural Beauty Body Care collection—which is inspired by nature and comes in four different scents plus benefits—is the pick-me-up neither of them knew they needed. From exfoliating scrubs to creamy washes, here are the products they turn to when they need some R&R.

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