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The Best Brands for Every Type of Wardrobe Basic

I suppose it isn’t all that groundbreaking to say that I wear basics every day because we all do. Every T-shirt, pair of jeans, pair of socks, blazer, etc. that we wear can be considered a basic. You’re probably wearing a few items that constitute basics right now. (I certainly am.) This explains why people have such an acute interest in shopping for basics. While some types of clothing are optional—e.g. the fun plastic rings I’m currently wearing—others are actually essential.

Since I’ve been a fashion editor for seven years and a basics-wearing human for almost 37 years, I’ve gained quite a lot of wisdom about basics brands and have come to have certain go-tos in every category of basics. Accordingly, I’ve compiled a list of favorites in case you’re in need of a little wardrobe replenishment. Keep scrolling to shop my picks for the brands I turn to for every category of basics. You’re welcome.

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