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The 17 Best Tarte Products, Hands Down

My relationship with beauty is cyclical. I go through phases in which I can’t stand to leave the house without styling my hair. Then, I go through phases in which I won’t even touch a heat tool, much less run one through my hair. Likewise, there are times when I paint my nails one new shade after another in an unending parade of colors. Other times, I might decide to let my natural nails be for weeks at a time.  

The same goes for the actual products I use. Maybe it’s because I’m a beauty editor, and I’ve been tasked with testing a wide array of brands and products, but there are times I go months without using something, only to inevitably come back to it. It could be an old face mask I used to love or a mascara I decided to give a second chance. Whatever it is, and whether it’s by choice or happy accident, I love rediscovering beauty products. 

That’s exactly what happened with Tarte. You know Tarte, right? The brand that’s best known for its Shape Tape Concealer ($27), Amazonian Clay, and Rainforest of the Sea products? It’s been years (literal years) since I’ve used a Tarte product, but once I did, I rediscovered some old favorites. Not only that, but I realized just how good some of the brand’s more recent offerings are. Keep scrolling to see which Tarte products are totally worth your time and attention. 

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