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The 12 Best Carolina Herrera Perfumes Deserve Your Attention

We recently announced that designer perfumes are making a comeback. After years of being overlooked in favor of indie perfumes like those from Byredo, Diptyque, and Le Labo, they’re officially being brought back in rotation. It only makes sense. We are, after all, currently experiencing a resurgence of 2000s trends. Claw clips, hair scarves, miniskirts, velour tracksuits, baby tanks, and bucket hats are all back and better than ever, and is there anything more 2000s than collecting designer perfumes and displaying them proudly next to your Chad Michael Murray poster? 

While there are countless designer perfumes to choose from—including those from old favorites like Chanel, Gucci, Dior, and Valentino—we thought we’d take the time to highlight those from Carolina Herrera, specifically. Why, you ask? It’s simple. We think they’ve been overlooked as of late. Their complex, elegant, and sweet-smelling fragrance combinations deserve more credit. Keep scrolling to see the 12 best Carolina Herrera perfumes to shop now.  

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