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Second Life Podcast: Vanessa Dew

A few years ago, kombucha entered the mainstream, becoming the latest wellness trend stunning the masses with its various gut health benefits. At the forefront of the movement was Health-Ade Kombucha, which launched in 2012 at a local Los Angeles farmer’s market with only 60 bottles, and to the founders’ surprise, they sold out. Behind the new kombucha brand was a team of best friends: husband-and-wife, Justin and Daina Trout, and Vanessa Dew. As the Co-Founder and Chief Sales Officer, Vanessa Dew quickly realized that they created a unique product, second to none: “When we think about how Health-Ade is different, [it’s because] we have guaranteed probiotics in each bottle. And that’s really important because when you think about why you’re drinking kombucha for the gut, you want to make sure it’s jam-packed with probiotics and healthy bacteria, and we guarantee that every single time.” In 2019, Health-Ade single-handedly contributed 80% of the category’s growth, and today, the brand has grown from selling in a single farmer’s market into 35,000 stores, including household names like Whole Foods, Target and Trader Joes.

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