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Second Life Podcast: Laura Modi

But before she was destigmatizing the infant formula industry, determined to make a real impact, Modi’s early career was actually at the helm of the tech boom. She landed a job at Google Finance, focusing on data and analytics on the stock market. According to Modi, Google taught her lessons she would forever use: “Google is a training camp in so many different ways. I mean, it teaches you everything about how to approach business to how to be able to engage [in conversation]. I believe that there is no way I wouldn’t be where I am without having started there.” After Google, Modi joined Airbnb as an operations manager, leading the customer service team, where she worked for five years and shepherded the company through massive international expansion. 

Tune in to the latest Second Life episode to hear how Modi’s entrepreneurial spirit came to life and how she carried her past experiences into creating a brand dedicated to doing better. Click here to join the rapidly growing wait list to become a Bobbie subscriber. 

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