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I Love Glowing Skin, so Here’s My Skin-and-Makeup Routine

It’s only been in the past year or so, however, that I feel I’ve truly honed the ultimate glowy-skin lineup, and while I always feel a little weird sharing my personal routine (I’m an editor, not an influencer, after all!), I’ve gotten so many DMs and questions requesting a play-by-play of my glow-happy skin-and-makeup routine. So here it is! From the very first steps, including an exfoliating cleanser and hyaluronic acid serum, to the finishing touches, including radiance-inducing blushes and eye shadows, I’m sharing every last detail of my product roster and application ritual below. Of course, everyone has different skin types and shade needs, so take my recommendations with a grain of salt, and feel free to skip or add wherever you see fit. Keep scrolling! My favorite glowy skin and makeup products are just ahead. 

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