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How to Re-Create Megan Fox’s Epic Red Lipstick Look

Of course, one of our favorite ways to accessorize a bad-ass outfit is an even cooler makeup aesthetic, and Fox hasn’t left us disappointed. In fact, while on set for her upcoming horror film, Till Death, she snapped this pic—starring the juicy red lip of juicy red lips—which has garnered nearly 900,000 likes on Instagram. So, being the huge beauty snoops and Fox stans that we are, we obviously had to get every last detail. One of our favorite celebrity makeup artists Tobi Henney frequently works with Fox, and she also happens to be the on-set artist responsible for the aforementioned look. She describes it as “classic red glam,” and we were lucky enough to get the full application and product breakdown from her. Keep scrolling! Every iota of intel you need to re-create the actor’s stunning red-lip moment is just below. 

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