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Gen Z Says: 3 Rising Fashion Stars Tell All

What is unique about your approach to fashion content?

I really do preach authenticity. I know it sounds cliché, but I love telling my sisterhood online to have fun with fashion, dress in a way that makes you feel confident, and never feel pressure to conform. My mom always dressed with her own unique flair, and she let me embody this idea that fashion doesn’t look one way. 

Now more than ever, people are paying attention to what the younger generation is doing in terms of social media, fashion, pop culture, etc. Why do you think the attention toward Generation Z versus other generations is so much more amplified, and how do you feel about being part of that grouping?

I think it all comes down to social media and the fact that we are present, conscious, and unapologetic. We have access to so much information, and although it’s a good thing, we also understand a lot of bad things. Gen Z vocalizes issues with the power of social media and places this overdue pressure on industries to change their ways. I’m so happy to be a part of this next generation that speaks up on everything from worldly humanitarian crises to diversity and authentic representation in media. We want change, and we’re using all the tools to do so.

What impact do you hope your generation has on the fashion industry?

I would hope we represent real women, real bodies, real stories, and, overall, real humans. Young Nawal would have loved to see an empowered and educated Muslim woman in the fashion industry. I would hope we change things for the better.

I’ve noticed that, for many people, this past year has changed the way we view personal style and beauty. How has this changed for you? 

It allowed me to be more experimental with beauty, especially because I was confined inside and could have some fun with it! I also naturally put on some weight due to high stress and zero physical activity, and I became very insecure coming out of it all. I used the time to find myself again and get back into what styles make me happy and confident. 

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