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Celebs Over 40 Swear By These Holy-Grail Skincare Products

No matter how opulent your lifestyle or full your bank account, everybody ages—even celebrities. It’s a wonderful thing, really. After all, there is nothing inherently more “beautiful” about skin without lines and spots—all evidence of a magnificent, expressive life well-lived. However, having healthy, protected skin that radiates the youthful energy you feel on the inside is important. Plus, treating your skin well is a healing self-care practice.

Celebrities are at a slight advantage in the skincare department simply because they have access to some of the best estheticians, dermatologists, and skincare products on the market. So over time, they become more knowledgeable and selective about the products they choose to use on their skin than your average consumer.

In order to absorb a little bit of that skincare wisdom from celebrities over 40, we did some digging to find an assortment of products they admittedly swear by—cleansers, moisturizers, masks, and more beloved by glowy-skinned famous people like J.Lo and Nicole Kidman. Keep scrolling to shop nine skincare recommendations from celebs with gorgeous, mature skin.

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