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Bronze Cream Eyeshadows ft. Chanel and Sydney Grace

Let’s take a deeper dive into comparing two cream eyeshadows in bronzy hues!

Learn how to make more critical comparisons between two products when you’re choosing between two options, whether you’re in decluttering mode or considering a new purchase or have been tempted by something new and shiny!

Chanel Patine Bronze vs. Sydney Grace I Don’t Know

The Analysis

  PATINE BRONZE Chanel I DON’T KNOW Sydney Grace
Finish High-shine metallic with fine sparkle Smooth metallic, moderate shine
Color Medium-dark bronze with moderate, warm reddish undertones and a smooth, metallic sheen Medium-dark bronze with moderate, warm reddish undertones and a bright, metallic finish
Pigmentation Opaque Opaque
Texture Lightly creamy but more solid than liquid, thin (not in a bad way), lightweight Liquid, lightweight, spreadable
Longevity Started creasing faintly after 11 hours Started creasing faintly at 9 hours
Application Applied well fingertips or brushes Applied well with fingertips or brushes
Accessibility Online and in-store, more global distribution Online online, direct only
Price/Size $36.00/0.14 oz. — luxury price point $8.00/0.34 fl. oz. — significantly more affordable
Packaging Glass jar with twist-off lid Squeeze tube

Reasons for Chanel Patine Bronze: The shimmer is finer and less metallic, which may make it more flattering on more textured skin. I also find that it has a softer look, even though the colors are very similar (especially when sheered out). Chanel’s formula is also easier to apply as a wash of color from the get-go and is hard to over-apply since it comes in a jar-format (no chance of over-squeezing!). For those who prefer sheerer, wash-like effects or like a more glowing finish (rather than metallic), Chanel does both well. The formula wears longer on me before creasing, too.

Reasons for Sydney Grace I Don’t Know: It has a little bit more depth and richness in its base color and a little went further than Patine Bronze, so it was more pigmented (despite both being opaque) and was marginally harder to sheer out–like you had to be careful to apply the smallest amount to sheer it out. As a result, I Don’t Know works particularly well as an opaque product and diffused along the edges. The finish is also a little shinier and more amped up; the richness may also play better with medium-dark and darker skin tones.

Editor’s Pick:  Sydney Grace I Don’t Know! Though I certainly love Chanel’s formula and find it a bit longer-wearing, I prefer higher coverage and don’t need the ability to sheer out as much… plus I’d be unlikely to finish either, so I’d rather spend significantly less and be able to get a few shades of a great cream eyeshadow formula if I wanted to.

Bottom Line: Both formulas are more forgiving as they do not have budge-proof dry downs, so they can be blended and manipulated (to some degree) after they dry down. I think Patine Bronze is better for those who want something less metallic (but still shimmery) and prefer sheerer looks–and obviously aren’t concerned about budget!–while I Don’t Know is better for someone who prefers more metallic finishes and/or more opaque formulas. They’re both fantastic shades and formulas, so I think finish and price end up being the biggest differences; the latter is obviously very much dependent on one’s budget or lack thereof.

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