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Addison Rae Wore the Cult Reformation Newsprint Jeans

I’m going to kick this off with a fun fact: Reformation jeans are wonderful. They fit great, they’re comfortable, and they come in lots of classic and trendy styles. This is not an ad, I just love them. This brings me to my next (related) topic… Addison Rae, who was just in New York doing press for her first song, wore many outfits but the one that stood out to me involved Reformation jeans.

If you follow celebrity style (or stalk Reformation’s new arrivals), you’ll probably recognize the jeans, as they’re covered in graphic black and white newsprint. The same jeans have been worn by Kendall Jenner and Kaia Gerber in the past, and they pretty much fly out of stock every single time the brand restocks them. And they happen to have just restocked them, so you might want to hurry. Like her fellow It girls, Rae stuck with the theme and paired them with a black top and black boots, allowing the jeans to be the focal point.

Keep scrolling to see how Rae, Jenner, and Gerber styled the jeans and shop them (along with other trendy Reformation jeans) for yourself. 

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