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8 Pieces to Shop From the Fendi Summer Collection

I can’t begin even begin to tell you how obsessed I am with this collection. Tell me about your work with Fendi: What was the process like? Where did you find your inspiration for it?

At the beginning of the first project, I was able to meet with Silvia Venturini Fendi, and I gained access to Fendi’s digital archive. I was totally blown away. The images, the materials, Karl Lagerfeld’s drawings, and images from past runway shows totally inspire me. I went into my studio and just started creating. I was so incredibly inspired by the conversations and all the things I was seeing. Following Zoom meetings, I was able to travel to Rome on a work visa to visit the Fendi HQ, meet with Silvia, and have a tour of the archive in person. I will never forget this experience as long as I live. It was a dream come true.

This collection, as well as Fendi’s reinvented storefront in Miami that you designed, gives me major seventies vibes. In what ways do you turn to vintage fashion to get inspiration? Is there a specific time period you particularly love?

My inspiration for this collection for Fendi was to be very dreamy, alluding to the freedom of the ’70s aesthetic and the Fendi archive, where I found countless incredible images, materials, drawings, and pieces that have made Fendi what it is today. Having access to explore and use this as inspiration was a major factor in what made this collection special for me. I was asked by Silvia to be “disruptive”—to push the limits and get outside of the box. I love that. I was so empowered by the Fendi team to be myself. It was an incredible experience.

How has being from New York influenced your style and your work? Do you find you dress or act or work differently when you’re elsewhere?

Growing up in New York opened my eyes to so many kinds of styles and designers. As I grew up, some of the things I wore changed but my main goal of dressing to be my most authentic self in comfort and style has always been at the core. My wardrobe consists of things I have had for many years, items I’ve “borrowed” from my mother, and things I love that I have picked up in all sorts of shops. I buy mostly second-hand and vintage items.

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