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7 Ways to Style Tailored Pieces This Fall

As soon as the first leaf hits the ground, I start contemplating who I’ll be stylistically in fall. This year, tailored pieces are calling my name—something you never would have caught me saying just a couple of years ago. I’m still a bit burned out from years of adhering to a mandatory business-casual dress code, so willingly choosing to wear tailored pieces is low-key shocking and definitely feels like a full-circle fashion moment for me.

So what changed, you might ask? Three things: 1) looser-fitting pieces, 2) the styling of them, and 3) there’s something about mandatory dress codes that brings out my inner rebel (beyond the scope of this article). The surge in looser styles makes tailored pieces way more appealing to this cozy girl. Also, this fall, fashion people are styling their tailored pieces in fresh, surprising ways and bringing sexy back to tailoring in the process. So go ahead and open that drawer with all your Monday-though-Friday “work clothes” because we are about to start wearing them during primetime, baby.

Keep scrolling to get ahead of the trend, and see the seven outfit combinations you’ll want to replicate starting yesterday.

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