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7 Sustainable Swimsuits You Can Feel Good About

Lately, I’ve been thinking hard about the impact of my clothing choices. Sure, I still love anything with great design and an affordable price-point, but if the designs on the market today taught me anything, it’s that I don’t have to compromise on style to buy items that are also a little bit gentler on the environment. More and more it feels like other consumers are thinking the same, and every day it seems like a new crop of sustainably focused brands pop up with a number of them focused on eco-friendly swimwear.  

Since we can practically taste summer at this point (trust us, it’s close!), I’ve been searching for the perfect classic one-piece along with more trend-forward bikinis that I can wear all season long– and you can believe that sustainability ranks as a top priority. In my search for the best swimwear, I’ve also come across 7 wonderful brands that emphasize the importance of green practices that lessen their impact on the earth. If you’re also committed to making more conscious clothing choices, keep reading ahead to discover the names to know making swimwear more sustainable. 

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