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7 Low-Cost, High-Quality Basics I Wear Over and Over

If you read Who What Wear on the reg, you know just how obsessed we are with our wardrobe basics. Whether we’re sourcing the best closet staples from our go-to retailers or sharing the items our French friends rely on, you can be sure we’ve covered the topic from nearly every angle. In my mind, the true indicator of a great closet staple is when you find yourself reaching for it over and over (and over) again. 

Today, I’m highlighting the best quality basics in my own closet because, after owning them for months or for years in some cases, I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. While I certainly have my own investment items, the below list focuses on items that are wallet friendly. In other words, these items are worth every penny (if you ask me). From high-rise jeans to the seamless underwear worth stocking up on, continue on to see why I think these are the best basics out there and to get inspired by how I style them.

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