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7 Designer Sandals Absolutely Ruling 2021

Several months ago, we reported on the sandal trends that were poised to become big this year, noting which styles had the strongest runway presence. But now that we’ve officially hit that point in the season where our sandals have eclipsed all our other shoes, it’s time to discuss the specific styles that are dominating. As far as designer sandals go, the fashion crowd has definitely been playing favorites. Don’t get me wrong. There are plenty of stunning styles in the market right now, from bright, saturated shades to retro platform soles and fashion-girl flip-flops, but I’ve surveyed what the It crowd is actually wearing and have come to the conclusion that there are seven designer sandals, in particular, that are absolutely ruling for spring and summer 2021.

As you work on building out your summer wardrobe ahead of vacations and pool days, I suggest you take note of these trending sandals now because you’re only going to see more of them as the season wears on. Ahead, take a look at how fashion girls are styling them and shop each pair.

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