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7 Date-Night Outfit Ideas We’re Planning to Wear

I have to admit that I feel pretty out of practice when it comes to getting dressed up. My wardrobe over the last year has mostly revolved around sweatpants and loungewear, with jeans or slouchy trousers thrown into the mix on occasion. As the world is reopening, though, I’m thinking more about what I’ll be wearing in small social settings. One thing that has me a bit stumped at the moment? Date-night fashion ideas.

With that in mind, I took a scroll through Instagram to come up with some cool date-night outfit ideas, and now, I’m feeling inspired (and confident) that I have these in my arsenal of looks to try out. These range from casual jersey dresses to denim looks to cool micro dresses that all hit on some of my favorite current trends. Scroll down to take a look at all of the fun date-night outfits I’m excited to try.

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