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5 Spring Trends to Buy Starting at Just $9

Welcome to On the Hunt, a series where we reveal our latest affordable finds at Walmart. From wardrobe staples and trendy accessories to the best in home décor and beauty, expect to find exceptional items at even more impressive prices.

Each season, I look forward to seeing which styles, colors, and prints will rise above the rest and be deemed trends by the fashion world. Not to brag, but my fellow editors and I are usually spot on with our predictions. There is always a handful I’ll immediately gravitate toward while others feel a bit less realistic for my everyday life. (I’m looking at you, thong dresses and low-rise jeans.) This spring, I’m pleased to say there are quite a few trends that fall into the wearable category, and I’m already incorporating many of them into my own wardrobe.

Top contenders include tie-dye prints (yes, again!), shades of tangerine and pale yellow, cropped cardigans, fresh sneakers, and flatbed-style sandals. I realize you may want further proof that other fashion people are backing these trends, too, and boy, do I have it for you. Sheryl Luke and Kristina Zias, both of whom I highly recommend following on social media for all things fashion inspiration, have been turning out looks wearing these exact trends for weeks now. Some of my favorites are below, all of which I’ve made shoppable with pieces from Walmart starting at just $9.

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