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5 Clothes to Take Out for Spring, and What to Put Away

With spring having (finally) officially started, it’s only logical that we put away our winter gear and free up some closet space for more warm weather-appropriate clothing. This is especially exciting for those of us who shall go unnamed but may or may not have a bit of an overflow situation going on in the wardrobe department of their NYC apartment and could use all the help with decluttering they can get. But I digress.

While a little spring cleaning is an obvious yes for everyone, what at times can be less than clear is which pieces you can carry over into the next season and which should go deep, deep into storage. As such, today, I’m bringing you this handy guide on what to stash away and what you can continue to wear well into spring and summer, based on my own experience. Just keep scrolling for all the details and, of course, shop my favorite spring-friendly picks.

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