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4 Chic Ways to Match Your Outfits With Accessories

When matchy-matchy outfits started popping up on my Instagram feed, I questioned why it felt so fresh this time around. After all, the trend is far from new and has typically been a favorite styling trick among first ladies and grandmas. In 2021, though, the matchy-matchy trend has been reinvented with playful prints in the starring role and invites casual pieces like bucket hats and sunglasses to join the party for some lighthearted fun.

These days, fashion girls have embraced matching sets, three-piece swimsuits, and, of course, sweatsuits to look put-together with the least amount of effort possible. Matchy-matchy dressing is just the latest cheat code in that same lazy-girl arsenal, with the superpower to bookend an outfit so you can play more in between. Keep scrolling to find the best matching accessories online and my tips on how to style them.

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