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25 Affordable Fashion Items That Look Expensive

There’s no denying that shopping creates a major adrenaline rush—especially when you discover items that look and feel expensive yet do not cost a fortune. There’s an unspoken sensation when you go to check the price and find that a piece you predicted to be at least $300 is shockingly a fraction of the cost; you check your eyes, and naturally, do a double-take. It’s a rare occurrence that once it happens, you leave asking yourself what exactly about the item made it look so expensive? 

As a thoughtful shopper, I began to question what design qualities made seemingly indulgent items actually affordable. Was it the fabric? Was it the color? Was it the silhouette? The answer happens to be yes, all of the above. An item is deemed expensive-looking when the fabrications and design details mimic those that are rather pricey—think mock necks, embossed leathers, seam detailing, pleating, and so on. We constantly preach that seasonal fashion trends can indeed be affordable, and you can get runway trends and the look of “it” items at an achievable cost. Ahead, I‘ve curated the ultimate list of fashion items that look expensive without the price tag.

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