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11 Juicy Couture Pieces to Buy From Forever 21

If someone asked me to describe my 2000s self with one thing, it would, without question, be Juicy Couture. I’d spend all my hard-earned allowance on discounted T-shirts and socks, and for the holidays or my birthday, I’d ask for anything from its tracksuits to its charm bracelets. The brand was so iconic that people worldwide, including Koleen Diaz (whose looks I stalk daily on social media), wanted to get their hands on the instantly recognizable pieces while growing up in the Philippines and Canada. “I never had the chance to wear an original tracksuit,” Diaz tells me. “I always saw them in movies and would try to imitate the style because I was so obsessed.”

Now, Diaz can enjoy the real thing since the label has made an epic comeback
by way of Forever 21. The super-cute collab is also available in plus sizes, juniors, and kids, so there’s something for everyone. Plus, it’s more accessible than ever thanks to interest-free payments with Afterpay, so she’s taking full advantage and showing us how she’s planning to wear the popular 2000s brand with a cool 2021 twist. Let me preface her photos with this: The looks are seriously enviable.

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