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11 Fall Outfits With Leggings

Considering I never planned my outfits even when I was going into an office every day, it’s not surprising that I’ve taken a laisse-faire approach to getting dressed during the pandemic—which has amounted to basically not getting dressed at all. That said, I have been doing a lot of screenshotting and saving outfit ideas to help get my creativity going again. Today, I’m sharing all my favorite outfits that involve everyone’s go-to comfortable staple: leggings.

To get you through the rest of 2021, I’ve put together 11 cool yet simple legging outfit ideas. For the rest of the summer, these outfits include tank tops, breezy blouses, and fun prints like tie-dye. As we head into the fall, I’ll be wanting to wear leggings with fun toppers like tweed jackets and windbreakers. Without further ado, scroll down to see the 11 best legging outfits for fall and beyond. 

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